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Create a space for clients to search and book great experiences for their remote team.

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Real-life experiences, made virtual.

Wavy brings teams and communities together with virtual experiences that are actually fun. With a fast growing catalogue of experiences and clients across various industries coming to us for help, we needed a place where they could go to learn more about our experiences. Alongside Wavy's CTO Neshay, I lead a sprint with the team to solve this problem. We ideated, prototyped and tested a "good times generator" that ended up being the Sales Catalogue that is live and in use today.

On day 1, we brainstormed our buyers needs and wants and based on the insights from the team, buyers wanted to be able to find an experience that was right for them, share a link to our experiences to gain interest from their team, and be able to book with us once their team has decided on an experience. So we came up with several how might we questions and created a brief journey map to ideate the flow of how someone would approach our solution.

From the perspective of a buyer (someone who's usually the head of HR or culture at their organization), the journey we were going for went like this: 

Visits Wavy website-> opens up 'catalogue' -> browse -> select -> customizer -> share with team -> book

With this in mind, we moved through the week with a focus on creating a way for our buyers to let us know what they wanted. On Wednesday, we decided on the idea of having a "good times generator" where people could give us the necessary information for us to filter through our experiences and provide one just for them. Here is the story board we created together.

As the visual designer & Figma fan of the gang, I designed the prototype for a good times generator. You can check it out here.

After user testing done virtually via zoom over the next few weeks, we gathered that while the generator was fun and easy to use for buyers, it wasn't totally necessary to the overall solution. What as necessary was the filter function, and the necessary information to be included on the page, with easy to find call to actions for people to get in touch with us. While virtual experiences are becoming more popular, we found while talking to clients that it would still be necessary for there to be a sales call before before booking in order to ask all questions that can come up, so we ended up designing our sales catalogue to act as a browsing feature to give key info and let people feel comfortable and informed enough to hop on a call with our team.

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